Shot of Honey Syrup with Ginger or Honey, Ginger, Lemon

Shot of Honey Syrup with Ginger or Honey, Ginger, Lemon

Here is a shot recipe a little different from those we usually offer you in juice since it is a shot of ginger in syrup form, to consume plain or to flavor and sweeten your drinks, dishes and desserts, yoghurts, compotes, herbal teas, etc. … Perfect to stay healthy all winter long and to take in case of sore throat, flu, colds and temporary fatigue or simply to boost your immune system and your body.

To make this syrup recipe, you need to :

– A glass jar and its lid (jam jar, honey jar or other)

– A beautiful organic ginger root

– An organic honey pot

– One organic lemon (for the honey, ginger and lemon version only)

Preparation of the shot of honey syrup with ginger or honey, ginger and lemon :

Start by washing, peeling and cutting the ginger into small strips. If you want to make the lemon version do the same with the lemon and cut it into thin slices and then cut them into small pieces.

Then put a little honey in the bottom of the glass jar, then a layer of ginger. Add another layer of honey and alternate layers until the jar is completely filled. For the lemon version, simply alternate layers of honey, ginger and lemon.

Leave your potted preparation unopened for at least one week at room temperature. The ginger will confide and make the syrup more and more liquid. The version with lemon will become a little more liquid than the ginger version because the lemon contains a little more juice. You can macerate at room temperature for up to a month, then keep the preparation in a cool place for 3 to 6 months.

How to consume your honey ginger syrup or honey, ginger, lemon syrup ?

– In natural shot, simply by swallowing a spoonful of syrup every morning.
– To embellish and flavour or sweeten your drinks, dishes or desserts, yoghurts, compotes, herbal teas, etc. by adding a small spoonful of syrup.
– In case of flu, colds or temporary tiredness, you can consume up to 3 spoonfuls of syrup per day to help your body boost its immune system while you get back into shape.

Health Tip :

Use thyme or manuka honey to make the syrup and increase its antiseptic properties!

Cooking recipe idea :

Use this syrup to brush on chicken or pieces of chicken breast, chicken thighs or wings and make a delicious honey caramelized chicken flavoured with ginger or lemon ginger !

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Shot of Honey Syrup with Ginger or Honey, Ginger, Lemon
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