Shot of Agave Syrup with Ginger, Lime & Rosemary

Shot de Sirop d'Agave au Gingembre, Citron Vert & Romarin

Shot of Agave Syrup with Ginger, Lime & Rosemary

The shot of Agave Syrup with Ginger, Lime & Rosemary is ideal to flavor and sweeten your drinks, dishes and desserts, yoghurts, compotes, to sweeten your tea, herbal tea or infusion. You can also use it directly as a syrup to drink with still or sparkling water or also as a hot drink.

Ingredients to realize the recipe of Agave Syrup with Ginger, Lime & Rosemary :

– A glass jar and its lid (jam jar, honey jar or other)

– A beautiful organic ginger root

– Organic agave syrup

– An organic lime

– A branch of organic rosemary

Preparation of the shot of Agave syrup with ginger, lime & rosemary :

Wash, peel and slice the ginger and lime into thin strips and pieces.
Add the sprig of rosemary to the glass jar and fold it with the ginger and lime pieces without compressing them, then pour the agave syrup into the jar until it is completely full. Leave your jar preparation unopened to macerate for at least a week at room temperature. The ginger, lime and rosemary will become confused and make the syrup more and more liquid then keep the preparation in a cool place for up to 3 months during its use.

Cooking recipe idea :

This syrup is perfect for brushing on pieces of fish, chicken, pork, or lamb to make delicious little dishes flavoured with ginger and lime !

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Shot of Agave Syrup with Ginger, Lime & Rosemary
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