Ginger Water / Lemon Ginger Water

Eau de Gingembre / Recette Eau Gingembre Citron

Ginger Water / Lemon Ginger Water

Ginger water is the ideal drink to prepare for summer and to hydrate you during the hot summer days. In addition to boosting your immunity, ginger water offers many benefits such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory virtues and a fat burning effect. This is why you can find many opinions on ginger water that makes you lose weight but as previously mentioned it rather promotes the burning of fat in the body and does not have any direct slimming properties.

For 1 litre of ginger water you will need :

– 1 litre boiling water

– 1 piece of fresh ginger (4-5 cm)

– The juice of 2 lemons (yellow or green)

Preparation of ginger water :

For this recipe, you will need to peel and slice or finely grate the ginger, squeeze the lemons and reserve the juice. Then simply boil 1 litre of water and add your ginger as soon as it boils, cover it, leave it to cool and once the water has cooled and the ginger is well infused, filter it through a sieve and then add the lemon juice.

Some tips for using your ginger water :

Ideally, ginger-lemon water should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning just before breakfast, but it can be consumed as a cold drink throughout the day, especially in summer. You can top off your glasses of ginger water with a few thin slices of fresh ginger and one or two slices of fresh lemon and ice.

If you want to sweeten your ginger water, add a teaspoon of honey or agave syrup.

If you prefer to give your ginger water a little boost, add a pinch of ground organic turmeric, black pepper or cayenne pepper to help the body absorb the gingerol.

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