Ginger Coffee Shot

Ginger Coffee Shot

Need a wake-up shot for those tough mornings? Can’t get enough of your morning coffee and caffeine fix? The ginger coffee shot is for you! In addition to the benefits of ginger, the caffeine contained in the coffee will help stimulate the central nervous system and wake up your body !

Ingredients for 1 shot of ginger coffee :

– 1 teaspoon of organic dried ginger powder or 1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger

– 2 tablespoons of ground coffee

– 1 level teaspoon of cinnamon

– 2-3 crushed Green Cardamom seeds

– 1 pinch black pepper

– 1 pinch of cayenne pepper

Preparation of the coffee ginger shot :

For this recipe, an Italian coffee maker or a plunger coffee maker is recommended, but you can also use a traditional coffee maker or an espresso machine for ground coffee. Simply mix all the ingredients and use this mixture instead of the ground coffee in your coffee maker or espresso machine, pour your coffee until you get the equivalent of a cup and your shot of ginger coffee is ready to be enjoyed hot! You can also let the shot cool down and add an ice cube to enjoy it chilled in the summer and add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it and increase the energy intake.

Capsule or pod machine tricks :

You use a capsule or pod machine such as Nespresso, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, Senseo… You can simply make this shot by placing the mixture of ingredients in a tea ball and let it brew 5-6 minutes in your favorite coffee or mix all the ingredients directly into your coffee and wait a few minutes without stirring to let it fall to the bottom of your cup like Turkish coffee or oriental coffee provided that you use dried ginger powder in this case…

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